Thursday, May 15, 2008

Affordable and Green!

Courtesy of the Park City Board of Realtors and HGTV...enjoy this article on 8 green myths!

There are hundreds of studies have proven the financial advantages of green buildings from reduced construction costs to lower operating costs. Green building is proven effective.

Myth #1: Green building is too expensive.
A lot of the high-profile green projects that get builders' attention are very high-end, and that's one reason this myth is still around. The fact is, there are plenty of strategies for inexpensive green building, from right-sizing the structure to optimal value engineering to reducing waste.

Myth #2: Green building is all about material selection.
Many think of green building as using "green materials" such as those with recycled content, low embodied energy, no VOCs, etc. While these are an important part of constructing a green building, it is still a small part of the big picture. Site selection, the building envelope and energy performance are very important as well.

Myth #3: Green building products don't work as well.
New green products work as well if not better than traditional products, they are made/built to last much longer than products of the past.

Myth #4: Green Products are hard to find.
Some green products are not manufactured nationwide and can be hard to find/purchase in some areas. More and more, stores like The Home Depot and Lowe’s are carrying more ‘eco’ friendly lines of many products. The number of green products and systems that are available has grown exponentially over the past few years.

Myth #5: Green homes are "weird" or "ugly."
You don't have to build a dome-home, yurt or a home built out of straw, and, have a farm of solar panels or wind mill towers to be green. Many of today's green homes look like other "typical" homes. And if you do want solar power, there are many ways to integrate solar panels that are attractive and effective.

Myth #6: Building a green home is too complicated.
It can be complicated if you are using a contractor that doesn’t understand the fundamentals of green building. Make sure to use a contractor that knows and has experience in building green. You should also educate yourself as much as possible so you understand the fundamentals making it less complicated for you personally.

Myth #7: To get into green building, you have to sign up for some sort of program or third-party certification.
Builders don't have to get your home certified to build green. These programs like LEED and Build Green Utah provide a checklist of items that score points toward the certification process. The homes can be built to the same standards without the certification. Some believe the certificate will increase the homes overall value. Green building is really about the builder and homeowner working together to make better choices.

Myth #8: It's an all-or-nothing proposition.
There are plenty of builders and homeowners using green technologies and techniques and they may not even know it. There are so many aspects to a home, and with many of the latest improvements in building, many of these new products and practices are actually green and energy efficient without the builder and homeowner making a conscious decision to build it green.

Here is a recent flyer I created showing just a few aspects of our green building...all available for less than $200 per square foot!

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