Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nickel and Dime...not at you choices...DEFINITELY!

Just a quick note to let everyone in on a secret--we can deliver such great prices for a few reasons.  By great pricing I mean homes starting at $331,400 for 2350 square feet and as low as $122 price per square foot.  ALL JUST 5 quick minutes from Park City, UT!!

1. We don't make you buy options you may not necessarily want.  So we work off of a lower base price and allow you to upgrade in the areas that you want.  We still do a number of included features like granite countertops, tile flooring, 4.5" base and 6" case, etc.  But you are in charge of selections not us!

2. The larger the home, the less expensive price per square foot it is to build.

3. We are in a great land position...meaning we didn't overpay for the lots!

If you were wondering about our quality of construction, nothing has changed are a few highlights of what we still do!

1. 2x6 exterior construction
2. BIB (Blow In Blanket) Insulation --provides R-23 value on those exterior walls
3. 90% efficient furnace--btw, it's a Lennox
4. Low E Windows...and tons of them!
5. Insulated ductboard
6. Custom European Style Cabinetry...yep a guy comes out to measure and then goes back to the shop and makes standard boxes here.

And the list goes on...want to hear more...give me a shout out!
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