Saturday, May 29, 2010

Park City Dirt Jump Park--Review!

So, this is not your normal week review of leisure but it's something to be considered--how cool is this? A dirt park right in the middle of town?  Hidden on the hillside behind the fire station in Park Meadows.  I have jogged by this before not knowing that this was a public park--thinking to myself some crazy kids have gone wild!

I wonder how you can have a normal childhood in Park City?  It's not possible--There are way to many cool things to do!  This is a fav of mine as I grew up riding dirt bikes...I don't think you could get me on a BMX bike today but if you are braver than me check this out:

THE BEST's located approx 5.5 miles from the Retreat...if you ride your bike you can be there in approx. 25 minutes (maybe faster if you are not riding a cruiser hauling a toddler behind)!

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